Wang Ronglin of manager of company production department already worked 10 one's remaining years, he says the company can grow today, cannot leave to take the height of product quality seriously. Come to a company be pursued from beginning to end for years " quality the first,

credit is consummate " management concept, hold to " finished product percent of pass 98% , leave factory percent of pass 100% " product quality target, in foreign market start shooting of material of grand Yang Ban famous degree, the accord that obtains American lumber to sell industry tycoon especially reputably. "Make export trade, product quality is essential, but fathering to close quality is a catchphrase not just absolutely, it is culture of a kind of company more.

" Wang Ronglin says, export to finished product from raw material, the company is met layer upon layer guard a pass, go up in finished product product line especially, the double re-examination that each pieces of plank wants to pass qualitative check personnel and manufacturing group receives ability to leave factory, dimension and exterior cannot have any flaws. "
   "white fence panel production,deck over existing concrete patio,tongue and groove pine decking"