<p>in daily life, a lot of potential factors are affecting the service life of wooden floor, make of the floor beautiful degree greatly discount, when we are having floor daily attention,park stool made of recycled material  should notice to beware what element? </p>

<p>1, drench</p>
<p>Woodiness floor from be ability in swimming of be disgusted with substantially.outside frame of porch ceiling  If surface of classics drench, floor will arise,become angry, the phenomenon such as chap. Want to notice to prevent drench. </p>
<p>2, air conditioning, humidifier</p>
<p>Use air conditioning, indoor air for long to will become unusual dry, floor is incidental adjustable, bring about a floor to produce clearance and hair phonate to ring then. </p>
<p>3, seeper</p>
<p>After floor surface seeper, if be handled not in time, will bring about a floor to become angry, the phenomenon such as generation water be soiled and chap. Should wipe in time keep dry. </p>
<p>4, white chaotic</p>
<p>Water leakage can bleach to surface of floor hind, floor.affordable backyard pergola material  Because the wear of floor dried meat is bad,this is, floor dried meat comes off from floor surface, the cause that produced diffuse reflection phenomenon. </p>
<p>5, smeary</p>
<p>After the floor is smeary, if be handled not in time, generation oily be soiled is mixed become angry wait for a phenomenon. Should use the cleaner, water that believe offer to wait to be wiped carefully, hit next dried meat. </p>
<p>6, fan type heater</p>
<p>Blow coating of sirocco hind, surface if the floor board is local for long to be able to produce chap phenomenon,recycled wood plastic composite board  floor to also be met contractive generation gap. Should go up in floor upper berth cushion undertake protective. </p>
<p>7, pet</p>
<p>The fecal meeting of pet is alkalescent to lumber generation corrode, bring about the floor becomes angry and produce besmirch.</p>