<P>January 8, 2017, the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee held the fifth session of the Fifth Plenary Session, will be identified as 2017 "city quality improvement year", pointed out that to adhere to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center,resale cheap patio bistro set to promote the supply side of the structural reform as the main line , Adhere to the "Shenzhen quality" and "Shenzhen standard" and other overall policy. In late January, as China's furniture, environmental protection, the highest standards of "China's green furniture gifted" 2016 for the first batch of certified left and right furniture, Yalan mattress, Songbao Kingdom, Xinfu license supervision and the second batch of access Of the Renhao goods, round side Park, style furniture, Lufu bedding, Desheng furniture quality sampling summary report also completed. Looking back on the development of China's green furniture over the past two years, as well as nine companies to participate in more than two years to change and enhance the quality of China's green furniture for the quality and efficiency of the value of the gradual emergence.</P>
<P>China's green furniture gifted products, as China's furniture pioneer cluster Shenzhen furniture first to start the environmental standards assessment work, from the initial China Furniture Industry Association, Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association, Shenzhen Furniture Research and Development Institute test center Saide detection and other institutions to promote 2008, 2015, Hong Kong Xingli Group Executive Director Huang Weiye,cheap kitchen tables custom makers the National Furniture Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong) Liao Guifu director, China Furniture Standardization Technical Committee expert committee Dr. Liu Xiaohong, Shenzhen Jiaxing residential hardcover research institute Guan Yongkang, Shenzhen City of Vocational and Technical Education Institute of Environmental Art and Design Department of furniture professional professor Chen Jinqiu and other research and development of furniture, technology and management of experts to participate in the green excellent items in the professional construction of continuous improvement.</P>
<P>In 2016, China's green furniture is a good cause of the Shenzhen Municipal Government, Shenzhen Economic and Trade and Information Technology Committee, Shenzhen Municipal Human Settlements Committee, Shenzhen City Market Supervision and Management Bureau,lawn furniture chair selling on amazon Shenzhen Consumer Council, Shenzhen City Environment Engineering science and technology centers and other government and relevant departments of the strong support to jointly promote China's green furniture gifted and "Shenzhen standard" (furniture) construction, to create a more green and healthy urban eco-circle.</P>
<P>As China's green furniture excellent product evaluation of the main body, the participation of furniture enterprises not only highlights the leadership of the enterprise, but also adhere to the pioneer business responsibility and mission. This is why in 2014 when the left and right furniture, Yalan mattress, Songbao Kingdom, Xinfu brand four companies to participate in the first and successfully certified in 2015, the same year Renhao goods, round side park, style furniture, Lufu bedding, Desheng furniture five enterprises torrent Yong Jin, also in 2016 withstood the world and the world's most stringent environmental standards test,high end patio furniture sale in toronto the success of the establishment of China's industrial quality standards and China's green manufacturing pioneer model.</P>