<p>crack, which is caused by the characteristics of wood itself, the current international advanced technology can not be completely resolved. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; two, solid wood composite paint wood door paint technology is the so-called paint technology is a wooden door production process, not a special wooden door processing materials. In the process of painting in order to fast curing or other process needs, </p>
<p>the use of infrared radiation and other methods of baking made of wooden doors can be called paint doors. Now the doors of paint in the process of using infrared radiation, accelerate the curing process is very common, most of the products will adopt this technology, in a sense the painted wooden doors can be called paint door, and not what special. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; three, solid wood composite paint </p>
<p>wooden doors to buy wood composite paint door has no special skills and special significance, choose solid wood composite door should pay attention to the solid wood composite door interior material. Due to the differences between the north and the south, so the requirements of the water content of wood composite doors are not the same. The Canadian Red Jintian oasis wood of Chinese fir fine texture, </p>
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