Open is Sino-Japanese lumber commerce new start -- write down Chinese lumber and wood current association visits day to make an on-the-spot investigation Late on December 4, a relaxed and cheerful job dinner, pulled open Chinese lumber and wood what business affairs of current association Japan inspects an activity is prelusive.

By Chinese lumber and wood current association vice-chairman holds secretary-general Li Jiafeng concurrently to head a group, with lumber Chen Xiangfeng of chairman of branch of business of imports and exports, peaceful industry of timber of friendship of fragrance river city (group) Ji Xiaomei of limited company general manager, Zhengzhou Hua Xingmu course of study general manager of limited company of Lin Meng building materials of city of Zhu Diankui of limited company president, Guangzhou plum, reached relevant section chime to be able to have have an informal discussion with hall of forestry of Japanese congressman, Japan.

The Japanese lumber with tremendous potential is suppliedAfter World War II up to now, silvan area of Japan grows ceaselessly, quantity of silvan save up maintains net growth in nearly half century, up to now, quantity of its forest save up already achieved 4.9 billion M3 , the forest is enclothed rate already amounted to 67% .  "how much overhang for deck steps,tongue and groove pressure treated wood,plastic interlocking decking for sale"