<p>wood wall panels, which not only improves the performance and comfort of the building, but also enhance the external beauty of the building. How to install ecological wood wall panels today to talk about the small ecological wood wall installation methods and steps. First, the main construction materials and accessories, 1 ecological wood wall panels. 2, stainless steel expansion bolts, angle head bolts, cross </p>
<p>head galvanized self tapping screws. 3, light steel keel, solid keel. 4, sealing lines and lines. Two, construction method 1) can be directly hit the nail on the wall surface of the cork, if the wall formation without wooden skeleton, and no need to do waterproof wall will not be moldy and rotten, greatly improving the speed of construction. 2) can be bent, can reflect the effect of bending decoration (thermal </p>
<p>deformation temperature of 83 degrees Celsius), the angle of 45 degrees stitching and adhesive are normal use. 3) sealing lines and closing lines matching. 4) with a variety of commonly used wood, simple matching complete. 5) the surface is smooth, rich in wood feeling, do not have to paint on the effect of light paint, that is, with the use of. Three other methods of installation if uneven wall installation, you can </p>
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