And for average to much citizen, saw with one's own eyes witnesses the birth of furniture of a traditional annatto, also be a kind of special experience. As we have learned, hai Yu presses down element to have " the countryside of annatto " beautiful praise, churchyard annatto makes a tradition only then at the beginning of pvc ceilings install guide the Song Dynasty of Yu Tang end year, cheng Yuming is clear two face, be continuous the development history that already had hundreds years up to now.

50 years ago, factory of annatto of commune of city of Changshu county king establishs formally, be as long as from this of half century stand fast breed went golden bat, bright art,wood i beams cost  collect unripe wait for well-known trademark, partial product still is sold as far as to abroad, enter the mansion house of president of 10 many nations such as American the White House, be known as " east art fetch " " culture gem " .

Changshu city Hai Yusu makes Zhao Jianguo of president of limited company of furniture of craft of bat of gold of chairman of annatto furniture chamber of commerce, city say: Umm Al Quwain dark hardwood floors "Home of sea anxiety annatto already had history of 50 years, the government also built the platform that annatto industry transition upgrades.