<p>thick and uniform texture; oblique, wood is hard, one of the most widely used lightweight hardwood wood in the world is recognized as a rubber wood. Is a genus of oak Quercus acutissima, Fagaceae, yellow to reddish brown heartwood, growth wheel obvious, slightly wavy, heavy and hard, our country to the north of Jilin, Liaoning, South Hainan, Yunnan have distribution, but does not see more high-</p>
<p>quality materials, still need to import an oak from abroad, good materials for each cubic of nearly ten thousand yuan, which is also an important reason for the high price of oak furniture. Two, the difference between the oak wood and the national standard of different national standard GB 16734 &quot;name&quot; in the main China wood rubber wood alias only hevea rubber, which is also known as the oak Quercus </p>
<p>glauca, alias, valonea, fine leather oak tree. The national standard GB/T 18513 &quot;Chinese mainly imported wood&quot; in the name of rubber wood is not known, but the oak is red (white oak) nickname, red oak also said bitter oak, red oak, oak and sickle fat red oak white oak Shu, also called American white oak, white oak, white oak California two oak wood, oak, rocks and European oak. The difference </p>
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