<P>FAE has developed a new mulcher for use with excavators weighing from 20 to 25tonnes. This unit can be used for clearing construction sites. The UML/S/EX/VT shares features with the firm’s existing UML/EX and UMM/EX models. The firm claimed that the unit combines the compactness of the UML/EX with the robustness of the UMM/EX and completes its land-clearing product line. Features include bolted on counter-blades,highway construction equipment price a hydraulic opening system that is integrated into the frame and bolted on protection chains.</P>
<P>The unit has a hydraulic motor with automatic variable torque (VT), which is said to increase the efficiency and allow a user to perform complex operations at the roadside, along riverbanks and on steep hillsides with minimal effort, while shredding trunks of a maximum diameter of 300mm. Standard equipment includes a  110/60CC variable torque hydraulic motor, anticavitation valve, flow control system valve,infrared light heater hydraulic hood and double row of interchangeable counter blades. Options include a 160/110CC variable torque hydraulic motor, custom-made attachment plate with pins, diverter valve and additional reinforced side plates. In addition, users can opt to have the rotor equipped with tooth type C/3/HD, type K, blade C/3 or tooth type I.concrete crack filler self leveling</P>