held once a year. A total of bathroom kitchen equipment, stone ceramics, doors and windows hardware tools, decoration materials, electrical technology equipment, lighting equipment, building automation, building safety facilities, and several major exhibitions. In 2006, the exhibition area of ​​52,000 square meters,
from 33 countries, 600 exhibitors, the audience received as many as 170,000 people. South America is China's export areas of key products, China's mechanical and electrical, light industry, textile and other products in South America is very popular, has a huge market share. As China's current exports of building materials are mainly concentrated in Europe and North America,
the market potential of the South American market has not fully tap. South America after the last century 90's economic crisis after the timely adjustment of the economic and industrial model, making the national economy in recent years has been greatly restored, the current South American region is in a period of rapid growth.
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