<p>but not simple, the appearance of the deep wood color will show the natural spirit of the wood. Leisure temperament, is the biggest feature of this product, even for small families, but also a very suitable choice. Put it on the side of the French window or balcony, are very practical. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; two, solid wood sofa price according to the brand and other materials such as wood, sofa prices are not the </p>
<p>same, small to the three price as an example, a general introduction to the price under the condition of solid wood sofa. 1 the first Chinese classical beauty in the chair for the price of 3980 yuan each, the average family will buy two to match seller will do 5-8 fold range of deals according to the actual situation. Carved 2 armchair second Noah's family's retail price is 2980 yuan, if can and merchants to </p>
<p>bargain, the highest discount can reach 50 percent off, which is 2980 yuan can buy two. 3 the third section of the red oak leisure sofa chair price is $3280, according to the number of discounts will be the maximum number of up to 50 percent off. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; conclusion: the above is what wood sofa house Xiaobian introduce style, I hope to help you. Learn more knowledge of furniture welcome attention </p>
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سطح السفينة رخيصة لمدة 24 قدم حمام سباحة</p>