Russia lumber market end of the year check: Lumber price still is in historical low 2016, price of Russia lumber export comparatives all the time stable, with dollar value computation, russia lumber price continues to be in historical lowest level. Inside 10 years of in the past, lumber of Russia northwest ministry enters the amount of European market to drop considerably.

Burmese bamboo goods is marching hard international market Burmese " 7 days " will report on September 19, according to forestry of Burmese forestry ministry department director Dr. Ninijiao introduces, burmese as international Zhu Teng organizes a member, improving bamboo product quality hard, in order to march international market. He expresses, burmese though be afterwards,the country with most bamboo is produced after China,

India, but the bamboo goods of China and India can hold very large share on the international market, and Burmese bamboo goods however because quality is not high, lack corresponding skill, can sell in home market only, enter an international market very hard, because the income of bamboo goods is very considerable, hope government can provide a help to this.  "composite wood prices,vinyl fence cost estimator,plastic wallboard in philippines"