<p>most of the high-grade wooden doors are solid wood composite materials. They not only keep the advantages of natural wood, but also avoid the defects of wood. Wooden doors are environmentally friendly, with glue is also very critical, it is recommended that you ask the sales staff in the sale of the brand on the glue and indicators. 2 is the production process of the current market really high-grade </p>
<p>wooden doors in the processing cycle of 20 to 30 days. Relative to the panel furniture, the door of the process is more complex, need to go through the wood drying, rough processing, polishing, edge, and other 30 processes, to ensure that the formation of the door and the mirror like silk slip texture. Door opening frequency is very high, so choose not only to consider modeling, environmental protection, </p>
<p>focusing on quality and durability. 3 is the purchase of living room door, the door of a wide range of living room door manufacturers are also increasing. When you want to pay attention to the credibility of manufacturers and after-sales service attitude. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; conclusion: the above is a small house introduced what is ecological wood doors, how to choose the ecological wood doors, I hope to help you </p>
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