According to exhibiting roc investment group president introduces, australian capital market is had appear on the market time weak point, but financing amount capability of big, financing is strong wait for a characteristic, have the whole world the 3rd can invest capital pool, administrative assets reachs 2.4 trillion dollar, it is the whole world the 5th big exchange. Get the favour of international capital, can provide sufficient financing source and good development space for the enterprise.

Expand demand to comply with furniture industry, the entire industry chain that starting wooden industry to will rely on its to have serves ability, enterprise of have the aid of is gone to bay the chance that appear on the market, establish company brand image quickly, build national strong brand, develop an international market.

Optimize existing operation mode, strengthen multilateral commerce cooperation, in conformity bay lumber resource, continue to develop deepen business of abroad imports and exports. Collect silvan industry to suffer invite attend to promoting wooden industry to appear on the market the autograph makes an appointment with ceremonial press conference On December 27, 2016 14:30, collect the 4 people acceptor acceptor such as Wei Wenchun of silvan industry Inc.  "decking planks for picnic table,boat wood flooring manufactures,new age vinyl deck veneer"