municipality grows Huang Zhengkang to make a speech respectively on forum. Mayor farming be in harmony attends forum, li Mochun of vice secretary of municipal Party committee is chaired. Vice-chairman of association of industry of forest products of Guo Qingjun of dean of designing institute of program of industry of forest products of bureau of Sun Jian of former chairman of office of government of countrywide lumber industry,

country forestry, China money is little gem, national man-made board with Mu Zhu. Zhang Qi of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering is Xiao Xiaobing of Great Master of design of unripe, country, Finnish Xie Kelin of director of institute of carpentry of Lin Ke courtyard of JP Salimaki of CTO of fatigue spy company and academician of international lumber academy of sciences,

China makes a presentation on forum. 350 much people attend the honored guest that comes from place of courtyard of countrywide lumber industry, institution of higher learing, scientific research and much home media this second height forum. Current, whole town of Guangxi expensive harbor has forest products to process a business many 2700, "porch flooring screw calculator,patio floor surfaces,plastic structural panels Estonia,Anti UV Sanding Exterior Wood Plastic Composite Floorings"