<p>current, a lot of owner choose solid wood to add up to a floor to be used at the ground to warm, in use process, problem subsequently and come. Have owner report, compound floor firm shop produces real wood before long become angry. chemical modification of wood plastic composite Small make up hint here: Solid wood adds up to a floor to become angry, majority emerges below environment of the heat of the earth's interior, for this owner should have made moistureproof step.</p>

<p>Floor of the heat of the earth's interior Before the shop is installed, the moisture content of most ground is in 20% the left and right sides, in floor shop process, as a result of moistureproof film damaged,composite deck for amusement park wholesale  when heating of the heat of the earth's interior, much moisture in the air joins a floor board from breakage change, bring about floor moisture content quick heighten, dissolve gives the partial soluble substance in lumber reach a few become angry the action of bacterium,planter box made from decking  bring about lumber exhaust to change or orchid change. Below individual situation, be in the damp area such as toilet and kitchen, the influence of ab extra and damp hydrosphere also can bring about local place floor to become angry.</p>

<p>Of afore-mentioned floors become angry, it is generation in place of floor be affected with damp be affected with damp, become angry area and did not become angry the interface of the area is very apparent, and in a certain number of show between the floor distributing continuously. The reason of generation: The the earth's surface is rough whole, have uneven small hole package,Marine Composites Board How To Manufactured after floor shop is installed, moistureproof film is filled up to defeat, cause breathe freely. Before professional personage suggests taking step is floor installation first ground strickle. When the shop is installed, there is arenaceous bead on the ground, did not clean clean, mat of will moistureproof film is broken, cause breathe freely. Measure is a shop sweep the area clean first before outfit.</p>

<p>When the shop is installed, place of moistureproof film connection was not stuck severe, cause breathe freely. Should stick moistureproof film with adhesive plaster severe, had better use width 60mm above plastic adhesive plaster, ensure moistureproof film is airtight. If moistureproof film is destroyed, can arise breathe freely, make The floor becomes angry, be out of shape.</p>