is the ideal choice for new house decoration. Kyrgyzstan for more than two thousand years, the carp by the Chinese people as the top grade fish, the court used by a character with a character, carved into a carp-shaped, the emperor to "Pei" reward to the minister to show the glory and honor. In the civil, carp is also a symbol of hard work and kindness,
auspicious auspicious, mutual gift to show respect and congratulations, to today, to carp as the theme of the New Year is enduring. "Fish" pass "I", is the people's sincere wishes for the rich life. In this design, the designer of the carp shape for the modern style of interpretation, in the monolithic work of the fish through the combination,
change the same meaning auspicious flowers continue. Wealthy Ying Luo Ying Luo, also known as "Ying network", is made of beads of jade ornaments. As early as the rise of Buddhism, the Indian aristocracy with Ying Luo to decorate themselves and that status, Ying Luo word derived from the Buddhist and ornaments corresponding to the Sanskrit Mukta (pearl) -hara (string), said " Into the ornaments ";
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