<p>dehydration&quot; and &quot;anti lit&quot;, wood furniture in particular need to reserve expansion joints, which are applicable in any season. Two, the cabinet and the wall liuzu gap space limited room will be made up by the wall closet or Diaogui, and more for the custom. Taking into account the principle of thermal expansion and contraction installation, cabinet and wall connected to liuzu gap can be avoided, due to poor </p>
<p>ventilation caused by damp effect, can prevent dry expansion brought due to weather changes caused by. Three, furniture paint needs to be careful furniture in the production of good, need to brush paint. And the situation of the cracking of furniture there are several, mainly wood material inside the dry, two is the surface of the furniture surface cracking, how to prevent the emergence of these situations?. The </p>
<p>cabinet for a period of time then painted woodwork finished, be sure to put a few days, such as the evaporation of moisture after painting, so that it can prevent the wood of the excessive moisture, causing cracking caused by the deformation of furniture paint. In the fall, you can shorten the time to set aside. Furniture paint paint can not be too thick &amp;nbsp; brush paint, pay attention not to let the paint is too </p>
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