Realize two lines to be advanced steadily.. Plank plant is overall stop production, plank market has money not to come into stock certainly at present Since December 16, 2016, and other places of yellow the Huaihe River of north of our country China undergoes procedure of weather of haze of big range mist, much ground appeared to spend haze again, especially Beijing ferry look forward to and Heibei south and other places.

Answer continuously mist haze weather, the air that starts highest grade more pollutes early-warning again. This may be poetic place those who say " mist breaks a high building, lunar labyrinth is crossed, peach source hopes to not have search place " Much ground answers construction site of mist haze weather complete stop work Plank factory in succession stop production!

Heibei stop production! Tianjin stop production! Guangdong stop production! Sweet river stop production! Get the better of fragrant stop production! Shandong stop production! Board factory ability is overall stop production! 3 everybody have north and south base stop production! ! ! Mist haze became a key, how should be the contradiction of economic interest and environmental protection dissolved again? "build dock deck,dark brown flower wood boxes,build a composite deck in northern"