<p>comment: different materials of furniture have different moisture maintenance coup, the need to prescribe the right medicine, in order to play the role of moisture maintenance. Wood furniture moistureproof maintenance knowledge, small make up to shareCarpentry is also home improvement projects in a project, in the previous house decoration occupies a very important position. With the development of </p>
<p>economy, carpentry in the status of home improvement gradually weakened. Now the doors and windows are no longer a single wooden material, aluminum alloy doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, etc.. Even the ceiling material is more than before. However, carpentry still exists, such as wood furniture, wooden keel ceiling, wooden doors, windows, etc.. If you have a carpenter's home </p>
<p>renovation projects, with a small series to look at the relevant matters related to carpentry acceptance. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; Part1: solid wood stability safety check carpentry construction most prone to the problem is stable, it is also the most fatal problem, door and the wall connection is not stable, the cabinet is firmly installed, these conditions will affect the use of the house. Common problems: fixed point </p>
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