introduce class actively tall, dimensions big, belt the furniture with powerful motive force produces a business, prop up those who drive industry of wooden industry furniture to develop steadily. Current, this area furniture kind manufacturing company amounts to 50, thrust entered area lumber to machine an industry to carry archives to upgrade.

(reporter yellow Chu Cheng) Industry of industry of the timber that expend a county is decided to be torch base by the country Base of property of national torch characteristic is a when ministry of science and technology begins to cultivate group of group of industry of new and high technology or innovation main job,

aim to rely on characteristic of a batch of industries correlation of bright, industry spends catenary of bigger, industry the backbone company with stronger capability of taller, innovation mixes level of more complete, technology relevant science and technology medium and small businesses and the new and high technology that builds industrial base, the one side that is domain of industry of our country new and high technology is serious banner. "mermaid wall panels,what is the weight of composite decking,plastic cladding sheets external for sale in south africa"