<P>After the paving operations are completed, routine maintenance work is carried out according to the contents of the routine maintenance (day maintenance) procedure. Work with the asphalt mixture in direct contact with the work of the paver, the movement,plate compactor compaction machine after the operation with diesel spray and then run for some time, remove the residual asphalt, so that the operation freely, flexible rotation. It is forbidden to spray diesel oil to the electric control system and helix, etc., to prevent the fire from burning.</P>
<P>Paving two lime soil after work, rinse with water, the white material washed away, rinse with a waste oil pressure lubricating scraper conveyor chain of the active parts of the piston rod coated with anti-rust oil. Note that water can not be washed into the electrical and bearing parts,perfect road cutting machines made in china to prevent short circuit and foreign body into the bearing. Wipe the surface of the hydraulic telescoping screed guide sleeve and the telescopic cover. For a period of time when not in use, should be coated with anti-rust oil after retracting cylinder; can not be retracted with a newspaper coated with grease to wrap a good bundle.</P>
<P>Clean and check the vertical slope of the instrument to adjust the device, the screw at the grease lubrication. Apply grease to the floating arm rail. The grease points are greased until the seams are spilled. There are oiling cups paver, to observe the consumption situation, at any time filled. The cleaning work of the paver should be carried out outside the workplace. When cleaning work is required in the workplace,Chipping Hammers And Rock Drills it is necessary to lay a layer of plastic sheet on the already paved pavement so that the residual asphalt and waste oil flowing in the cleaning process To the plastic cloth after the clean-up, not allowed to diesel and other residual logistics has been paved asphalt pavement to prevent corrosion of asphalt pavement.</P>