<p>technology materials;Wet and dry is two foe solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture will let the wet swell moldy, and dry shrinkage of wood furniture will make dry, therefore, more than the hot and rainy summer need to do the maintenance of solid wood furniture, the autumn an invigorating autumn climate cannot ignore the wood furniture maintenance work, and the following  a look at the fall of </p>
<p>solid wood furniture the maintenance. 1, pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of furniture surface. Solid wood furniture surface coated with paint, it is particularly important for the maintenance and maintenance of the film, once the film is destroyed not only affect the appearance of the beautiful, but will further affect the internal structure of the product. So keep furniture clean every day with pure cotton </p>
<p>dry soft cloth gently wipe the surface dust, every once in a while, with a damp cotton yarn moisture will dust the furniture corner carefully wiped clean, soft cloth Kaigan can use dry clean, but also in the dry coat a thin layer of high quality light like wax, rub gently wipe the leather like luster, this is not only the maintenance of wooden furniture, also increased its light. However, the choice of light wax must be </p>
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