<p>much water to make wood furniture expansion, corrosion and mildew. Winter in the room after the humidifier, room humidity control in 40% to 60% more appropriate. In addition to prevent the direct placed directly on the solid wood furniture, or solid wood furniture too long from the humidifier. 3, solid wood furniture should be far away from the heater heat to keep warm in winter very cold, every family will </p>
<p>bring the heater. Sometimes in order to get closer to the heat source, the heater will not be pulled to the side of the solid wood furniture. As everyone knows, these furniture is afraid of high temperature, high temperature baking for a long time, it is easy to lose the moisture of the wood, the local dry, deformation, deterioration of the film. Best wood furniture placed at least 1 meters away from the heater. 4, in </p>
<p>winter to reduce the window ventilation time indoor humidity in winter compared to outdoor but higher, therefore, the winter window ventilation, will only make the outside cold air come in, let the room become more dry. Therefore, it is recommended that the family more solid wood furniture, in the winter should reduce the time and the number of windows ventilation in order to maintain indoor humidity. At </p>
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