<p>the. Part3: do not clean wood furnitureCarpentry decoration, in the home improvement is an important link. Although the diversity of materials, but some owners will choose wood doors and windows, as well as wood furniture. So, there are some of the wood itself by the temperature shrinkage, dry problem, in addition to woodworking materials and process requirements is also very important. In order to </p>
<p>avoid decoration regret, to understand the wood work show common problems. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; Part1: the construction of common regret furniture with all the carpentry decoration or should be dedicated, do not recommend the use of woodworking as universal workers. As far as possible not to let carpentry furniture, one price is not cheap, but the furniture produced on the spot is easy to deformation, spend </p>
<p>more, the material is inferior but not worth the candle. Frequently asked questions: when the decoration of furniture to do as little as possible carpentry furniture. May have looked at each kind of price is not very expensive, once seen to do something only regret. Now every time I see those expensive and poor workmanship of the material is still not shed tears. Sorry about: money, poor workmanship, inferior </p>
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