<p>standard, size and lock body, lock the same; door locks should be installed, the lock is not the same as the sound; accessories are installed, fixed screws should be installed, straight. 3, suction, door closer, handle and so on should be installed in the designated position, installation is firm, fixed screws should be installed completely, straight, installed after the effect is good. Five, the appearance of 1, sets, the </p>
<p>door line and the ground should be less than 3 mm gap, and sealed with waterproof sealant. 2, the whole door installation completed, should be smooth and uniform, open and flexible, the overall effect is good, no scratches. A small wooden door installation knowledge, temporarily introduced here, I hope for your help Home Furnishing installation of wooden door, wooden door installation for more </p>
<p>knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.In Home Furnishing both indoor and outdoor decoration, wall decoration or furniture decoration, need to use spray paint on the furniture, paint spraying, some people want to do it yourself, you pay some small house under the wood paint spraying process. Spray painting process 1: the first step is to destroy the substrate furniture </p>
<p>outdoor decorative fencing<br />
composite white interior decking<br />
composite deck board fasteners</p>