<p>set of small apartment design. From the entrance will be able to predict the overall space of the log warm feeling, the natural texture of the floor covered with space, both sides of the entrance is a different functional areas, corridor space acts as a partition. Living room in the left hand side of the door, the black sofa in the log color of the home of a particularly conspicuous, a good increase in the level of color </p>
<p>space. Living room space is not big, but the layout is simple and neat. The entire wall is full of texture of the wooden floor decoration, the wall instantly become different, while the black fabric sofa and black hanging TV mutual care. In order to save space, the kitchen, study and dining room are designed in the same space, a straight line layout, a good combination of the three together, without prejudice to the </p>
<p>use of their functions. Kitchen cabinets with a word, located in the entrance next to the living room and across the aisle. The kitchen table as the island's role, good save space, provides ample stretch for the rear of the study design. Black tiles in the kitchen embellishment is also a very good color adjustment. Study space by the wall design, many of the cabinet is a bright spot, open and closed combination of </p>
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