The community habitat is divided into 9 levels, which is called community Sheng jing zhi, according to the degree of approaching nature.The Chinese have not yet understood what is ecological, and now there is a community habitat coverage rate and community Sheng jing zhi.
The outside world has changed, and China is still gloating over the old index of plantation area.We learn foreign countries, good, not learning, bad of.Over the years, some Western countries have put forward to promote the development of forestry production and consumption of wood This is because they are serious damage to forests, cutting off the wood won't rot away, so in order to promote consumption.
China is a country with a shortage of forests, and also uses the way to promote consumption, wood industry, and less forest resources.China is now a large timber import country, and other countries have blamed it.Forestry is really different from other industries." recyclable wpc wall panel , composite wood board patio roofing in spain , wooden handrails fence for steps ,wood wall panel sheets, anti bacterial composite floor designs in Sydney "