<p>programs to provide adequate space. Black, white, log color to reconcile the three natural, rigorous space style. From the kitchen space to see the living room, the same can not get the same feeling. Also from the corridor space to observe the study and restaurant, the two are only one. The bed of the bedroom is a major highlight of the septum, while serving as the role of the door and the background of the </p>
<p>bed, it is also useful to save space. Bedroom layout is also very simple, leaving a little space to set aside a small table. Although the bathroom is a pure black space style, but it is undeniable that this color can maintain a sense of cleanliness to the maximum extent, can save a lot of trouble to clean up. Shower room and bathtub in the same space, dry and wet to do a very good separation.Solid wood furniture for its </p>
<p>durable, environmentally friendly, natural and strong feeling of being loved by the majority of consumers. There are many common tree species for tree species in common solid wood furniture, furniture and decoration of the ash, oak (white oak, red oak), rubber wood, pine, beech, walnut, pine, teak, camphor wood, elm, Phoebe (Phoebe), cherry, maple, solid wood furniture, what kind of wood is good the use </p>
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