answer the facing after sticking stability of man-made board dimension is taller, adornment effect is better. Furniture of this explicit gift package, modelling, circuit dominates the field such as plywood of interior trim of watch board, car market application perspective is wide, will become likely in certain domain come back cut veneer, thin aluminium board the substitute that wait.

  Aid peace is triplex wooden industry limited company begins market survey and product development from June 2014, with Dui Huaya join forces of couplet machinery limited company tackles key problem, break through a series of technologies and craft bottleneck, finished home smoothly in November 2015 first ultrathin and successive make the same score those who press product line to build go into operation, this product craft is at present mature, already batch is produced and throw on the market,
  user echo is very good. Expert attending the meeting thinks, the generation of a new product, it is the result that square field surface gives full cooperation certainly, there is national policy not only inside this encourage, the knowledge of personnel of scientific research technology, wisdom works with what try hard conscientiously, and, entrepreneur has an insight into to the profundity of the market, those who be brave in to innovate is outstanding courage and insight also produced conclusive effect;  "Wood plastic composite cladding manufacturer in China,inexpensive ideas to cover subflooring,front porch designs using composite materials"