<P>June 1 Children's Day is approaching, on the eve of the festival, many parents want to buy new furniture as a gift to the children. Children's furniture brand on the market dazzling, the price varies, and children's furniture is directly related to the healthy growth of children, in the selection is different from adult furniture,<a href='http://best-beach-beds.com/stylish-tavern-tables-and-chairs/832.html'>6 chair dining sets cost</a> the standard is more stringent. Recently, Sina home unannounced visits to home stores, field investigation of a number of the current market, the mainstream children's furniture brand, exposing the business "lies", insight into the purchase of "errors" and interview children's furniture industry experts to make professional interpretation, Understand children's furniture, to avoid the business into the "pit."</P>
<P>Known as no formaldehyde, to the European standard E0 level, is it true? The vast majority of parents in the purchase of children's furniture, the first concern is the security issues, safety issues related to whether the choice of environmental protection,<a href='http://best-beach-beds.com/portable-camping-folding-chair/1606.html'>double camp chair with umbrella</a> whether it contains formaldehyde and other harmful substances, this , The reaction of businessmen is the case ... ... Formaldehyde and other harmful gases is said to be the biggest furniture safety hazards, your children's furniture to ensure that no formaldehyde harm? We are all solid wood furniture, authoritative certification, to the European standard EO level standard, no Formaldehyde hazards, absolutely environmentally friendly. Any furniture can not do zero formaldehyde,<a href='http://best-beach-beds.com'>The Best Beach Beds For Sale</a>
want to achieve the European standard E0 level only food category, furniture is certainly not possible, to ensure that you are absolutely boast E0 level, we are responsible that we reached the European.</P>
<P>The market does exist in the European standard E0 level, but can reach the level of very little. According to the European environmental standards, the wood products in accordance with the release of formaldehyde content, divided into three levels, namely E0 level (formaldehyde emission 0.5mg / L),<a href='http://best-beach-beds.com/stylish-tavern-tables-and-chairs/508.html'>best camping chair clearance</a> E1 level (formaldehyde release 0.5mg / I ~ 1.5mg / L ), E2 level (formaldehyde emission greater than 1.5mg / L). E1 environmental standards are mandatory national health standards, E0 standard is the highest international health standards (excluding Japan). According to relevant information, the formaldehyde content of drinking water is 0.9mg / l, that is, E0 standard formaldehyde content is less than drinking water.</P>