<P>Two looks similar to the degree of up to 80% of the mahogany furniture, why the price difference can be several times, or even ten times.In fact, the market mahogany furniture category,camping chairs and tables materials and processes are also different, there is a normal spread. However, seemingly the same two mahogany furniture, the price difference is quite normal. What is the reason for the big difference. Which is the most cost-effective.</P>
<P>The same a ring chair, made with Myanmar pear more than 4-5 times made of African pear. Because of the same species, the appearance of the difference is small, so many "twin" mahogany furniture spread in about ten times. In fact, from a few thousand dollars to ten million,deluxe party chairs for sale even if a shape and process look "almost" ring chairs, as long as the raw materials are different, the price may be a difference of ten times, which is mahogany furniture interesting, but also Difficulty when buying. Buy mahogany furniture is a door to learn, not simply choose the shape, it appears that the next order, if you want to buy to buy, according to the purpose of personal purchase and can afford the price, ready to buy, or complex material name, Source and higher price difference.</P>
<P>Some experts also believe that, in addition to raw materials, mahogany furniture technology, charm and shape of the pros and cons, the same price difference can be about 2 times. The so-called process refers to the structure of the furniture and the production of meticulous degree,good paint color for living room charm refers to the furniture edges and corners smooth and regular degree, modeling refers to the proportion of furniture symmetry. In fact, with the plate-style furniture, the production line is different from the mahogany furniture, fabric production, pattern carving and corner processing for the human work, so even if the same manufacturer of the same product, there may be a number of different versions. If it is type, art, wood, rhyme both the top grade price will be set high,best power recliner chair if the production due to negligence lead to furniture patterns or corners of the flaws, pricing will only be higher than the cost price. However, for ordinary consumers, this small flaw is not easy to be found, so this is "looks similar" mahogany furniture, another reason for the spread.</P>