Zhengzhou of the rich in the 21st 2017 China, Taiyuan is custom-built household exposition (on Feburary 26 - 28 days) Linyi justice hall presses down: Call noisy whole nation to second hand caravan decking near hornsea the brand from factory of skin coming back Set the prairie ablaze of board industry spark 1991, linyi city Lan Shan district the first board factory is arisen,

after this is swift and violent like spark set the prairie ablaze outspread. Through development of more than 20 years, the industry of pillar of mark sex tradition that wooden industry industry makes justice hall, had with plywood, density board, stick face plate and building pattern plate to be dominant, hold the range of exterior wood veneer panels manufacturer products with all ready class such as floor, furniture concurrently, preliminary formed with raw material, make board, make facilities of glue,

production make wait for relatively complete industry system, become whole town, whole area, and even one of important dominant properties that whole city economy grows, composite deck boards for boat house the plate production with become the throughout the country significant, trade and export base. Justice hall town is located in Linyi the city zone western, whole town shares wooden industry kind dimensions above enterprise 171, industry of of all kinds timber processes a business more than 4200,