<p>plates. A lot of sheet type, you may need to know more about some of the plate knowledge, the following Xiaobian introduce a fir integrated board, about what is the advantages and disadvantages of Chinese fir integrated board, and brand recommendation, can be seen here. What is the integrated version of Chinese fir integrated version of the Chinese fir, from the name can be seen as a combination of Chinese fir wood integrated plate, usually by a number of </p>
<p>vertical connections unlined upper garment, wood stitching from each other, the form of three layers. Compared with the number of wood plate, fir integrated plate relatively relatively simple technology and easy to grasp, some paths can also be used in Chinese fir trees, high utilization rate, but it is because of this, Chinese fir integrated board on the market there are a lot of poor quality. The Chinese fir integrated board is generally used for the support of the interior </p>
<p>wall, as well as the material of the ceiling and wood floor, and the performance is superior. The advantages and disadvantages of China fir integrated plate are used as a substitute for Blockboard and are used by many people. Because of its little watering, many of them are in the form of finger boards, which are more strength and environmental friendly than MDF and blockboard. Chinese fir integrated board has the advantages of 1, beautiful appearance, good </p>
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