Strengthening floor: 55 yuan / square meters is the watershed of the Chinese consumer association has announced the strengthening of the floor consumption warning, recommended to buy a unit price above 70 yuan.Industry experts say the price of local purchases of floors can be 55 yuan per square meter due to taxes and profits.
According to the introduction, solid wood flooring because of the high price, is not generally accepted by the masses.The most popular price range is 70-120 yuan / square meter.If you want to buy the quality of the reinforced floor, experts recommend the purchase price of more than 55 yuan products.
At the same time, because of sales promotion and season, the price will fluctuate.Toilet: 2000 yuan of decoration is not realistic as the most expensive and expensive toilet in decoration, material classification is very fine, on the whole, toilet decoration needs main material is the ceramic tile and sanitary ware two parts.
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