<P>"Consumers in our shop to buy furniture products can not only enjoy the discount price, but also can receive coupon consumption from the recent sales situation, the promotion of full of activities failed to quickly enhance the sales of furniture,wood and stainless steel coffee table consumer purchases Enthusiasm is not high. "A solid wood furniture shop owner said.</P>
<P>Reporters in the major online shopping platform found discount promotions mahogany furniture variety of goods. Reporters in the day cat Mall page to see, YLF / ya cubic brand mahogany desk rosewood desk and chair Chinese desk bookcase combination of original price 13960 yuan, discount price of 6980 yuan; Gangzhou brand rosewood Chinese classical living room sofa combination mahogany furniture original price 10000,folding round white table wholesale discount price of 5,000 yuan; Sokho brand Dongyang mahogany furniture mahogany table round table furniture original price 5600 yuan, discount price of 4368 yuan.</P>
<P>Although a variety of online furniture prices have promotions, but the enthusiasm of consumers to buy is not high, for mahogany furniture, businesses generally said that sales are not ideal. "Our house has just renovated the house, now in the selection of furniture, promising are modern style furniture, did not intend to buy mahogany furniture, on the one hand mahogany furniture prices higher than other furniture,stainless steel gate designs on the other hand mahogany furniture style is not so fashionable "</P>
<P>Consumers said in the ladies. "In order to improve the sales of online mahogany furniture, we recently launched a discount promotional activities, from the current sales situation,outdoor folding lawn chairs the effect is not ideal, discount promotions for consumers is not enough, mahogany furniture trading volume did not appear substantial Rising situation. "Taobao a mahogany furniture shop owner said.</P>