<p>furniture is good? First, let's go and see how the cedar is. Fragrant cedar is a kind of fir, with a subtle fragrance, so called cedar. This kind of wood is called cedar. In the family decoration, the core board is the basic material with higher frequency. Simple such as indoor furniture, cabinets, wall cabinets, door, window and package, local style, simple floor lining board and ceiling. In the past, in the decoration materials market Blockboard (commonly known as </p>
<p>the big core board) press materials are mainly full of poplar wood, two. And consumers mainly to choose all poplar wood based. But recently, cedar joinery board sales continue to increase, and even catch up from behind. According to sales staff, in the past known as camphor furniture, although it can effectively prevent insects, but in terms of prices can not be accepted by the public. This sheet because of its material is not easy deformation, good decorative </p>
<p>effect, can reflect the effect of the decoration, but also to make up for the shortcomings of other plates not moisture insect with acceptable price, so welcomed by consumers. At present, the Chinese fir environmental protection joinery board, which is quietly rising on the decoration market, can avoid moth eaten and damp in the season of season replacement. The blockboard are made of imported peach blossom core panels or imported fashionable decorative </p>
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