<p>process of heavy, will not appear black, mildew. 11 �� the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, and the handle is exquisite and smooth. The above content is small house to introduce the cedar and pine King bath, for everyone to understand Chinese fir. If you also need to learn more knowledge of cedar, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Wooden bath tub is different from bathtub, it adopts oval deep design, because it covers a </p>
<p>small area, no installation, you can step in place. As you all think, washing a wooden bath is a pleasant thing. Nowadays, wooden bath bucket has become a new favorite. The following Xiaobian to introduce the wooden bath bucket maintenance knowledge. 1, when the barrel factory, will be coated with a layer of tung oil, so in the purchase of the first few days, must keep the bathroom air circulation, and regularly open windows ventilation, so as not to make the </p>
<p>home full of pungent flavor. 2, the first test will be water seepage, this is a normal phenomenon, will be filled with water after soaking for 12 hours or more, the bucket full infiltration and seepage phenomenon of cask will stop, if there are problems, you should contact the factory in time. 3, because the wood itself will heat expansion, cold contraction, not direct sunlight or cold air blowing, if not more than two months long time, you can wet the barrel with a large </p>
<p>سطح السفينة رخيصة بالجملة<br />
رف الداخلية الجدار تلبيسة بيع<br />
والأرضيات الداخلية المخصصة</p>