<P>Yesterday, the reporter visited the urban part of the home shopping malls. In the store, the reporter saw the "accident" of the Marmor drawer cabinet similar to the six drawers occupy half of the children's home shopping malls, such cabinets have been Yantai people become "chest of drawers" because of its simple style and not Less popular people,chaise pliante en plastique pour jardin many parents like to put the cabinet in the children's room to do with storage.</P>
<P>The price of these drawer cabinets ranging from 1,200 yuan to 3,000 yuan, according to the brand's popularity, the price will have a relatively large difference. Reporters survey found that the height of such a six drawer cabinet is usually above 75cm. The merchant did not provide a device to secure the cabinet to the wall. However,distributeurs de tables de bière de qualité these cabinets generally worse than the kind of IKEA cabinet to get into trouble, then these look more "stable" drawer cabinet is more secure?</P>
<P>Reporters to the store sales staff advice, whether the cabinet can be fixed on the wall, the sales staff said: "Not a custom cabinet, there is no way to fixed directly on the wall can be, and do not need fixed." Reporters immediately put forward, If the family has a younger child,endroit pour acheter une table pliante will the children climb because of the cabinet overturned? Sales staff said they sold the cabinet has never had a similar accident, because the cabinet itself is very heavy, an adult is difficult to lift , To the weight of the child simply can not turn the cabinet.</P>
<P>Reporters open a wooden cupboard, although the cabinet is very heavy, but a considerable part of which is the weight of the drawer, the drawer can be drawn out of 20cm, so the width of the child can fully climb up. The reporter tried to open the state in the drawer to press the edge of the drawer,manteaux discount meubles en plein air then the heavy cabinet produced a shake. If the child climbs in the case where the drawer is fully open, the cupboard is most likely to be dumped due to unbalanced forces. In addition, as the sales staff said, the cabinet is very heavy, but also because of this, once the cabinet dumping, but more likely to overwhelm the child, resulting in more serious injury.</P>