This system should include operating sequence, groovy examination, examine and evaluate, the purpose is control former process of complementary makings, equipment, production and product quality, ensure product quality stability and successional. If the enterprise has obtained ISO9001 attestation, and the factory produces roof waterproof diy floor in srilanka control government undertake strictly according to 9001 standards, organize production and quality inspection according to EN standard,

can regard the administration that achieves CE attestation as systematic requirement. ISO9001 is right whole industry builds system of management of a production, and the process control building a bench from deck boards that the EN mark criterion of CE attestation stresses the administrative system that emphasizes already building according to course of study to come true to the product.

floor, veneer accumulates material, compositive material to wait, still have the ligneous product such as toy of window of wooden door, wood, wood in addition, obtain CE attestation, laying decking on concrete slabs to extend overseas market further, especially European Union market levels road. Week of lumber price quotations is judged [6.5-6.9] As the arrival with lumber industry off-season tradition, lumber demand decreases, speed taking money is decelerated, last week integral price than before drop somewhat.