<P>Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporter learned that, due to high prices, sampling difficult to reach the mahogany furniture category. The current sampling method, mostly in the detection of mahogany furniture products hidden position intercepted a diameter of about 8 mm,<a href='http://beachchairfrance.com/des-chaises-de-plage/436.html'>chaise longue de plage à loisir économique</a> about 5 mm high wood samples, which mahogany furniture has a certain destructive, and the existing means of detection led to most of the test results only Can be accurate to the class, can not determine the species, making mahogany furniture to become a blind spot. "Should go to the factory to check the raw materials have not yet made furniture.</P>
<P>How can consumers buy cheap mahogany furniture? In fact, as long as the professional regular stores, in the Kaopu brand and large business store to buy their own and then learn some professional knowledge,<a href='http://beachchairfrance.com/pas-cher-camping-lit/584.html'>meilleure table de camp pliante</a> in the purchase of mahogany furniture, pay attention to check "a book a card Card ", the basic can be considered worry-free. Mahogany furniture products have product warranty documents, including products.</P>
<P>"A friend could not help but complain." Just blindly wipe with a damp cloth, wipe for a long time only in addition to ash, but if you want to mahogany furniture shiny, the need for furniture maintenance. "Industry insiders said that in the dry season,<a href='http://beachchairfrance.com/chaise-longue-en-gros/1740.html'>table de parc et usage de chaise pour jeu</a> it is best to be able to maintenance of mahogany furniture," you can either furniture beauty master home maintenance, but also their own furniture to buy wax, waxing polished several times, the furniture will basically A new look. "In addition to the furniture itself, the mahogany material, soft equipment is also very important.</P>
<P>For consumers, Deng Xuesong suggested: do not fall into the only "material" is the psychological, in the selection and purchase of mahogany furniture, to more attention to the furniture of the modeling process and quality brand. "Imagine, more than 10 years to buy the shoddy yellow pear furniture and now a boutique lobular red sandalwood furniture,<a href='http://beachchairfrance.com/pas-cher-camping-lit/1252.html'>vendre chaise en acier inoxydable</a> who is more valuable collection? Road goods Huanghua pear furniture only split into a plate or car into beads to cash prices.</P>