Our country imported lumber to measure valence to fall together May! Entrance gross still is compared amplitude of the corresponding period is apparent last year! Imported log and 1x3 14 foot syp tounge and grove flooring change of amount of sawn timber amount in May 2017 Baltic freight rate (BDI) the index takes situation picture According to custom total arrange releases data to show yesterday,

our country imported lumber gross May 7.69 million stere, drop than April 5.2% , compared to the same period last year still tower above 8.5% . The lumber that although greet our mold resistant exterior paneling country traditional sense,went up May is off-season, our country imported lumber impetus 2017 still by value inside course of study. May be issued to lower levels of whole of international shipping freight rate,

at the same time of the RMB strong pick up, occurrence callback of value of market of cork of entrance of our country part, russia log drops than April 20-50 yuan / stere, soxhlet extraction of wood from plastics the early days sluggish such as log of North America material goes up breed is gone against situation rise 40-60 yuan / stere. 2017 1-5 month, lumber imports gross to grew 14% last year compared to the same period,