<p>door frames, so in different seasons and humidity in different environmental conditions, combined with the interface part of tiny expansion or cracking is a normal phenomenon. Try to avoid hanging damp clothes, towels and cloth on the door surface. Moisture can cause permanent damage to solid wood door panels - such as fading, watermarks, etc.. 2, use a soft cotton cloth to clean your cupboard door, water will be wrung out with warm water and soak </p>
<p>cotton, keep a little wet, if you need more complete cleaning please in warm water mixed neutral cleaning agent, surface wipe door, then use a soft cotton cloth dry quickly door surface water dry. This prevents the door surface retention of water stains, grease, including other dirt tracks, these traces will exist for a long time on your device or paint cause discoloration or other damage. 3, maintain good humidity, ideal humidity in about 40%, if long-term use of </p>
<p>air conditioning, you can put basin water beside. Temperature difference should not be too large, to avoid air conditioning switch on and off, resulting in dramatic changes in temperature. 4, overheating items should be avoided directly on the furniture surface, this will damage the furniture surface protection paint and wax. 5, to use a soft cloth or soft brush to clean, avoid using metal brush, bristle brush or coarse cloth, so as not to scratch the surface of furniture. </p>
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