I would like to represent all the staff than the floor of the guests to visit you warmly welcome and heartfelt thanks! "Than the Geothermal floor experience consumption" by the Bi Jia floor Shaanxi marketing center, Daming Palace home city co-sponsored by the floor of the geothermal experience-style consumption that experts on-site solution.
Geothermal floor mystery "multi-layer solid wood flooring and geothermal floor installation knowledge" activities are now officially started The We are very fortunate to visit the activities of the state some experts and provincial and municipal leaders came to the scene, will be on the scene for the broad desire to understand the development of multi-layer.
solid wood flooring industry and geothermal consumption knowledge, floor purchase installation knowledge, consumer rights Questions, decoration knowledge and other professional solutions, let us express their warm welcome to the arrival! Today, the leadership came to the scene: Daming Palace Group Co., Ltd.
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