<P>Survive a few years ago the European economic downturn, Milan International Furniture Fair finally in the first 55 years to re-angry. Whether the exhibition investment, organization, or exhibitors have a lot of Aspect. Milan exhibition closing time has been a full month, it is the convergence of mind,bench seat kitchen table grasp the future design hot spots of the perfect time, the following is the 2016 Milan furniture show hot summary, or will be inspired by the Chinese furniture business.</P>
<P>In this year's Milan Furniture Fair's many popular products, children's furniture is one of the highlights, many home brands and designers have launched specifically designed for young children's products. Such as Japan's Nendo design studio for the Italian furniture brand cartel (Kartell) designed H-type pony child rocking chair; Switzerland Big-Game studio for the Italian brand Magis designed "Little Chair" (Little Big Chair); also There are transparent tables and chairs designed by Master Philippe Starckrestaurant patio furniture clearance.</P>
<P>With the introduction of China's two children's policy, children's furniture will usher in new opportunities, more and more businesses began to get involved in children's furniture,wood top dining table wholesaler whether home stores or adult furniture brands, have begun to increase children's furniture products, with its aimlessly plunder Market, not as big as learning home, calm down to deep plowing products.</P>
<P>When the furniture designers to look to the office area, boring office furniture era will announce the end?
Dutch furniture brand Lensvelt at the Milan show launched Boring series of office furniture, this group name "Boring" but not boring furniture products make boring office environment has become lively and interesting. And the British furniture brand Ercol's office furniture is presented in the opposite of the retro to do the faction, curved handrail structure, folding round table, with wooden cabinet cabinet show both elegant and practical,cheap outdoor garden furniture this group of furniture enough to adapt to the family And work in two environments.</P>