<p>smooth, high-grade, is actually composed of man-made sheet pressing, for a long time, there will be broken and deformed. All solid wood door, solid wood composite door and molded door, three door is currently the most popular on the market, consumers can choose according to personal preferences and demand for more solid wood door knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Solid wood door drawing materials, natural </p>
<p>environmental protection, decorative effect is good, is a lot of people home cabinets, doors, wardrobe production materials preferred. Although the furniture made of solid wood door is beautiful and healthy, if it is not used properly, it will affect the service life. Here we take a look at the wood door maintenance should pay attention to what matters? 1, cabinet doors should be regularly maintained, the general use of wood furniture special wax maintenance in 2-3 </p>
<p>months, but the waxing must be clean before the door, because once the wax treatment in the wax layer under the surface of the door plate dirty the mark will be very difficult to handle. In addition, for wood doors, the use of polished wax carefully, because the wax will be exposed grain filled, the most important point is that once the surface of the door after waxing, it will be difficult to re paint modification. 2. Avoid using the following cleaning products to clean </p>
<p>anti slip coating for decks<br />
decking to level sloping walkway<br />
aluminum pontoon replacement decks</p>