Look at the moisture-proof measures: if there is a special moisture-proof cushion, there is no thick moisture layer on the floor, whether the glue is a special floor waterproof glue. See if the price is fair: comparing the quality of the floor and whether the after-sale service is worth the value.
Look at packaging: if it is imported, there should be a Chinese mark and a customs certificate. When selecting the reinforced composite floor, people tend to focus on the quality of the floor wear-resistant rotation, formaldehyde release, color style, tree species name, moisture content, etc., but in the skirting board, floor glue, floor mat, etc.
Even indifferent, do not know, these floor accessories and accessories, also may because of the non-environmental protection of the hidden murder.Floor glue in the process of installation, to use a large number of floor glue, the floor glue can form a film at the junction of the ground plate, effectively lock the floor free formaldehyde.
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