When paving, the bottom membrane is required to be lapped at the joint, and the width is not less than 20 cm.Draw attention: at present there are two phenomena in the market, some merchants buy very cheap plastic film in China to save the cost, not only the thickness is not guaranteed, but also does not have the anti-alkali energy,
Some businesses use the bottom membrane and the mat composite material to save the paving time, but the bottom membrane at the joint can not be connected to each other or the width of the lap is not enough, the effect of moisture-proof is not good.
The quality of glue and glue directly determines the quality of the floor pavement and the durability of the use.The professional manufacturers all have the special glue used in the use of their own products.Pavement, because different brand floor core layer material is different, so the use of glue is also very big.
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