In the winter to prevent the house heating running water.If accidentally leakage of water, even a little tea, should be in time with soft cloth wipe clean, keep dry, so as not to promote luster, even cause warpage, cracking, mildew.If the indoor cement ground back water wet (which is the most easy to appear in the bottom room) caused by the deterioration of the mildew, warpage, paint stripping, color variation, and so on, we must first solve the problem of water back to wet, and then repair to replace the floor.
Fire-proof cigarette butts and matches can't be thrown on the ground. Electric stove, electric cooker, iron, iron, etc., can not be placed on it before it is placed. Otherwise, it is easy to burn the wood floor.Do not use gasoline to wipe the dust and dirt on the surface in order to prevent friction from producing static electricity and cause a fire.
The damage to the solid wood floor is also easy to damage.Even the smallest of the gravel, the over time is also easy to wear the surface of the rough and color, leaving traces.If there is the ash gravel, should be in time with semi-wet soft cloth wipe.
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