<p>costs. Four, the coating process of solid wood cabinets a good solid wood cabinets, painting process directly affects the whole solid wood cabinet beautiful or not, so consumers in the purchase of solid wood cabinets, must be spotted wood coating process. Choose a good coating process, we must master three requirements: first, the surface will not be obvious color difference; second corners without paint accumulation; third, pinhole and miscellaneous points. </p>
<p>Five, look at the solid wood cabinet hardware accessories, first look at hanging yards, there are two kinds: one for the Ming type, can only withstand 35 kilograms weight; the other is hidden type, can withstand 75 kilograms weight. Then look at the hinges. Generally speaking, a cupboard door should be switched on average 6 times a day, and the switch will be switched 200 thousand times in 10 years. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good hinge </p>
<p>configuration. Look at the rail pulling. Rail should be selected with damping, in the course of sliding smooth and no noise, in the closing of the 6cm can gradually slow down until slow silent shut down. House reminded everyone, in the selection and slide hingeSolid wood cabinet refers to the solid wood or solid wood composite door panels and custom made cabinets. Solid wood cabinets, beautiful appearance, environmental protection, health, natural lines, giving a </p>
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